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Michele Economou Ureste

Executive Director
Michele Economou Ureste is the Executive Director for the...
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David Palmer

Director of Business Partnerships
David Palmer is the Director of Business Partnerships at...
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Tricia Walding

Senior Project Manager
Tricia Walding is the Senior Project Manager, Defense Sector...
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Rana Al-Igoe

Senior Project Manager
Rana Al-Igoe is the Senior Project Manager of WIN’s...
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Alex Rosaen

Director of Data Analytics
Alex Rosaen is Director of Data Analytics at the Workforce...
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Sarah Sebaly

Senior Program Manager
Sarah Sebaly is a Senior Program Manager at the...
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Melissa Sheldon

Research Program Senior Manager
Melissa Sheldon is the Research Program Senior Manager at...
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Michelle Wein

Senior Manager of Data Analytics
Michelle Wein is the Senior Manager of Data Analytics...
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Lindsay White

Communications Manager
Lindsay White is the Communications Manager for the Workforce...
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John Sullivan

Project Manager, Business Partnerships
John Sullivan is a Project Manager for the Workforce...
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Danielle Bowman

Project Assistant
Danielle Bowman is a Project Assistant at the Workforce...
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Lisa Gordon

Program Coordinator
Lisa Gordon is a Program Coordinator for the Workforce...
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Scott Corsi

Research & Policy Analyst
Scott Corsi is a Research & Policy Analyst at...
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Kristie Kabacinski

Coordinator, Opportunity Detroit Tech Council
Ms. Kabacinski’s work is instrumental in WIN’s Opportunity Detroit...
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Mauro Galus

Business Partnerships Associate
Mauro Galus is a Business Partnerships Associate at the...
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Trevor Leatzow

Program Assistant, MI Bright Future
Trevor Leatzow is a Program Assistant with MI Bright...
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Karley Thurston

Data & Research Intern
Karley Thurston is a Data and Research Intern for...
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Edwin Laswell

Data & Research Intern
Edwin Laswell is a Research and Data Intern for...
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Kinsey Mantay

Regional Apprenticeship Administrator
Kinsey Mantay is the Regional Apprenticeship Administrator at the...
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Carrie Bonofiglio

Business Partnerships Coordinator
Carrie Bonofiglio is the Business Partnerships Coordinator at the...
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Imad Mourad

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Jeremy Rosenberg

Team Coordinator
Jeremy Rosenberg is the Team Coordinator for the Workforce...
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