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Hiring-to-Posting Analysis (HIPO)

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WIN Board, JP Morgan Chase
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Melissa Sheldon

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During the fall of 2013, WIN attempted to find a connection between online job postings and net employment change in order for determining how, when and with what degree of confidence information derived from online job ads can be used. The preliminary findings proved the existence of such a connection and discovered the need for more research to identify a method for utilizing postings in a strategic manner.

WIN is currently analyzing different industries to better capture the industry nuance in hiring and posting behavior to continue to identify details in the relationship among posting, hiring, and employment change. The team is also working closely to fine tune the econometric model that will hopefully we able to help get the team closer to a “causal” answer to the research questions. Finally, as more hiring data becomes available from Local Employment Dynamics and Burning Glass technologies, the team will continue to update this analysis. WIN believes that this analysis will support broader understanding and adoption of real-time data and support its use in making labor market projections nationwide.

This project is generously funded by J.P. Morgan Chase.