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Transportation Safety Workforce Analysis

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University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
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Melissa Sheldon

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The Center for Advancing Transportation Leadership and Safety (ATLAS Center) at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) is an education and research initiative that focuses on transportation safety by promoting safer roadways, safer drivers, and safety for high-risk groups. In order to better understand the workers involved in transportation safety or with skills relevant to the field, the ATLAS Center utilized occupational analysis by WIN to identify more than 90 occupations and more than 500,000 Michigan workers with transportation safety-related employment.

The WIN-ATLAS partner report highlights findings about Michigan workers employed in engineering and design, operations, and planning occupations related to transportation safety. A subset of the occupations included in the analysis are workers with knowledge of emerging intelligent transportation systems, connected, or automated vehicle technologies, a research and education focus of WIN partner Michigan Academy for Green Mobility Alliance (MAGMA). Findings from this report will also inform a more in-depth analysis of workers qualified to work with automated and connected vehicles research, design, and manufacturing for the ATLAS Center.