The Construction Jobs Academy of Michigan (CJAM) was established to help develop, train, and place Michiganders in the construction industry. The program is available to anyone over the age of 18, providing a 16-week construction immersion course designed to teach basic skills in concrete, concrete testing, carpentry, and electrical. Students enrolled in CJAM will be taught critical aspects of the construction industry in a classroom and field setting, preparing them for entry-level positions in a wide range of construction jobs. Michigan is at an unprecedented time in its history, needing a workforce to help modernize, upgrade and build new structures, bridges, and roads. Investments are being made to upgrade the infrastructure through state and federal funds. Companies are investing in new buildings and facilities as well as renovations of existing facilities. Home construction is operating at break-neck speeds.

This is YOUR opportunity to begin a career path that has high pay, great benefits, and job security. Don’t accept low pay with little benefits.

For more information visit the CJAM website by clicking here. 

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