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Labor Market Reports

Real-Time Quarterly Workforce Indicators Q4 2017

Starting in Q1 2017, WIN changed the release schedule for its labor market reports.

  • Reports with county-level and Detroit-specific data and analysis are released after the first quarter of each year. These reports cover the first quarter of the year and provide a retrospective analysis of the entire prior year.
  • Reports covering multi-county regions within southeast Michigan are released twice per year, in the first and third quarters.
  • Reports covering the entire 16-county region are released each quarter.
  • Data and analysis covering all regions will continue to be available each quarter at the WIN Data Dashboard.

WIN’s most recently released reports are the Q3 2017 labor market reports for multi-county regions within southeast Michigan and the entire WIN 16-county region. Please find the reports corresponding to each geography below. These reports reflect employment, labor force, employer demand, wages, skills, credentials, and educational attainment requirements for jobs and occupational groups trending in southeast Michigan region counties and and the City of Detroit.

All data within the reports is gathered from Burning Glass Technologies, EMSI, and BLS, with WIN custom analysis.

Note: Burning Glass Technologies updated their data algorithm in 2016. BLS updates employment, unemployment, and labor force metrics on a rolling basis, meaning newer figures are still considered estimates and may change once numbers are finalized. Because of these changes, please do not compare the values in these reports to past reports produced by WIN.

If you have questions about the data, please contact