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Advance Michigan

Advance Michigan is a partnership from a 13-county region anchored by the cities of Detroit, Flint, Lansing, Pontiac and Ann Arbor. Partners were awarded the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) designation in June of 2014. Upon award, 12 nationally designated communities were given access to $1.2 billion in federal funding from at least 16 federal departments looking to support the growth of manufacturing jobs and related prosperity.


Over 170 partners submitted letters in support of the regional designation request, including businesses, economic developers, workforce developers, colleges and universities, researchers and think tanks, business accelerators, investors, government, community organizations, philanthropy, and others.


IMCP will help catalyze and shift the regional economy, providing crucial investment and technical support to ensure a ready workforce, accelerate R&D, and maximize market positioning for manufacturers and emerging technologies. Key manufacturing technologies include automotive efficiency and safety, with applications in other advanced manufacturing fields. A focus in these areas will allow firms to:

  • Lead material and emissions improvements by redefining automotive efficiency
  • Improve safety through connectivity and design

Partners developed a fully-integrated set of strategies to ensure a ready workforce; support for business development, innovation and job creation; and technical and other support for firms, including improvements in site development and infrastructure, access to capital and process improvement strategies. Click below to see a list of awarded federal grants that have and will continue to help development and creation in the region.


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