MEATA Kicks Off the 8th Annual National Apprenticeship Week with its 2022 Fall Drive-In Conference in Frankenmuth, Michigan on November 9th.

The “Expanding Registered Apprenticeships Together” theme for the conference was resonated throughout the entire day with jam-packed, informative sessions. Our professional leaders and guest speakers hosted presentations from expanding apprenticeships through diversity, equity, inclusion and justice to engaging and supporting the youth populations through pre-apprenticeship training.

MEATA understands the importance of apprenticeship and the people who are doing this work!  Registered Apprenticeship provides a critical talent pipeline to address workforce shortages, and is a proven industry-training model that responds to our economy’s needs.

MEATA also celebrated the day with an awards ceremony, a tradition, to honor all the great successes in Registered Apprenticeship.

Two MEATA awards were presented. The ‘Pre-apprentice of the Year’ award went to Terrell D.  Terrell is now a Registered Apprentice, working full-time, attending classes and making good wages. He adores his family and just purchased a new home!

The second award went to our very own, U.S. DOL Office of Apprenticeship State Director, Russ Davis, for MEATAs ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ in Registered Apprenticeship.  Russ is our fierce; yet humble leader in Michigan! He is dedicated, passionate and very well respected among everyone in Michigan and around the states. Russ without a doubt is everywhere talking about Registered Apprenticeship, from roadshows, apprentice celebrations, articulation signings, to RACE days, RAPID events, and more!  Congratulations to you both!!!

As always, a big THANK YOU to all of our MEATA members who continue to think BIGGER and ELEVATE Registered Apprenticeship.

Also, many thanks to our generous sponsors and to those working behind the scenes who made this conference a celebration!  (picture enclosed and attached)

MEATA Executive Board
Kevin Green – President
Andrea Morrow – Vice-President
Annette Norris – Treasurer
Cameron Albring – Secretary

Russ Davis – US DOL OA State Director
Steve Long – US DOL ETA
Scott Jedele – MDE-LEO
Amy Burns-Bailey – Outreach Representative
Sue Roche – Post-Secondary School
Ben Wallace – Secondary School
Jamal Al – Labor Representative
Justin Zielinski – Industry Representative

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