The MI Tri-Share Child Care Pilot (Tri-Share) is an innovative public/private partnership that shares the cost of child care equally between employers, employees, and the state of Michigan. 

Tri-Share aims to: (1) make child care affordable and accessible for working parents; (2) help employers retain and attract employees, and (3) help stabilize childcare businesses. 

Facilitator Hubs administer the program in twelve regions. All Hubfacilitators, their regions, and contact information can be found on our website by clicking here. 

Hubs serve as a central liaison to facilitate connections between employers, employees, and providers. 

Eligible employees are those who are Asset Limited Income ConstrainedEmployed (ALICE) to alleviate one financial burden and remove a barrier to work. 


For employers, Tri-Share will aid employers to recruit and retain talent, and remove barriers to employment 

For working parents, Tri-Share will reduce the out-of-pocket cost of child care, and alleviate the burden of finding childcare 

For providers, Tri-Share will secure slots for reliable payments of child care, as well as help with recruitment. 

Employer resources can be found by clicking here. 

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