Learn more about the building trades by downloading the Michigan Construction Career Days brochure.

Since 2008, MICCD is Michigan’s premiere construction career exploration event. Based on the National Career Day model, MICCD provides Michigan’s young people a chance to experience construction up-close, getting the chance to use real tools, materials and heavy equipment under the direct guidance of construction professionals from all sectors of the industry. These young people will not only see what construction is, but learn of the training and education paths to secure the good paying jobs a career in construction provides.

In Michigan, we build things. And we need skilled, trained workers looking for a career in construction and willing to work hard. As an apprentice in these in-demand fields, you’ll get good wages, benefits, pension, and a career that can help you build a life for you and your family – and you won’t have to go into student debt to do it.

Michigan Construction Career Days is a great way to connect young men and women willing to work hard with construction companies. This brochure is your first step toward making that connection. Though we weren’t able to hold our 14th annual event this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to provide information that you can use to begin your career in construction.

Watch last year’s event.

As an apprentice in the skilled trades, you’ll earn while you learn. You’ll mix learning and class work with real-world experiences working in the field. You’ll learn skills that will make you highly sought-after in the construction industry. Every year, the men and women who go through our rigorous, accredited and United States Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeships do great things.

If you see something in this Michigan Construction Career Days brochure that interests you or an opportunity you want to seize, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to your questions and we hope you’ll consider a good-paying career in the skilled trades.

To learn more visit us at www.MichiganCCD.com or on Facebook.

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