The Global City Teams Challenge is an initiative designed to advance the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies within a smart city / smart community environment. More than 30 teams are pursuing projects related to sectors including public safety, energy and transportation. Participants in the Global City Teams Challenge are working to deploy an emerging technology within a cyber-physical system (CPS) by June 2015.

The Tech Jam will provide:

  1. Existing GCTC participants with an opportunity to present their project plans and identify additional project partners.
  2. An opportunity for entities not yet participating in the Challenge to explore a new project idea and/or identify partners and develop a new Action Clusters.
  3. Attendees with an opportunity to hear from government agencies on funding programs relevent to GCTC participants and IoT/CPS/Smart Cities more generally.
  4. An opportunity to hear from global leaders and experts of IoT/CPS/Smart Cities.

Who Should Attend the Tech Jam?

  • Global City Teams Challenge participants
  • Attendees from the September 2014 Workshop
  • Potential new Challenge participants with IoT/CPS technologies and designs that are directly relevant to the Challenge‚Äôs objectives
  • Mayors, CIOs, CTOs, Innovation Directors, Managers from local, state, federal governments working on smart city deployments
  • Corporations, educational institutions, non-profits working on smart city projects
  • Anyone interested in the latest trends and standards in IoT/CPS and Smart Cities

To register for Tech Jam click here.To learn more about the Global City Teams Challenge visit our website for more information about the Challenge. Have questions about the Challenge or the Tech Jam, please email or

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