WIN Initiatives

Custom Data & Analytics

The WIN research and data team is well versed in all things data and analytics. From surveys and customized company analysis to wage comparisons and forecasting, the WIN team helps clients and partners to better understand their talent needs and plan for the future.  The WIN team connects the labor market and the economy presenting it in a manner that allows clients and partners to best manage their talent acquisition and planning.

Examples of WIN’s work can be found in the Case Study section of the website. Descriptions of custom data and analysis projects are below with links to relevant project examples in the Case Study section.

Interested in learning more about how WIN can help your company or organization? Contact WIN’s Senior Director of Research & Strategy Melissa Sheldon.

Custom Surveys

The WIN research and data team has extensive experience creating customized surveys to help partners and clients better understand workforce trends, employer demands, and future needs. Using a variety of tools including SurveyMonkey, the WIN team can help your organization learn more about your membership’s talent needs, analyze wage data, and even help predict future talent gaps.

Customized Talent Analysis

Every company is different and faces unique challenges. WIN’s customized talent analysis can help identify, quantify, and analyze the talent needs for specific companies, regions, and even governments that will allow for better talent management, planning, and investment. WIN works closely with individual employers helping them navigate the unique labor market around their local area.

WIN is also the primary contractor working with the National Network of Manufacturing Institutes (NNMI) focused on investing public and private dollars in the future manufacturing workforce. WIN’s analysis coupled with local knowledge, helps to guide the institutes into making actionable and sound investment decisions for workforce training and programming.

Forecasting and time-series analysis

WIN is in a unique position as its staff possesses the data, skills, and knowledge to utilize complex econometric models and long-run analysis. Forecasting the “next big thing” has always been difficult but with WIN’s expertise and experience, clients and partners can have a peak into the future that is conservative, well-researched, and data informed.

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Presentations and public speaking

WIN’s researchers are well-versed and experienced in presenting data to public audiences. In particular, the team is skilled at presenting to audiences that are not trained in data sciences and analytics helping these audiences better understand complicated analysis and topics. WIN team members have led national webinars with hundreds of participants, spoken at national conferences to peer groups, and been invited to speak at more intimate settings bringing data analysis to audiences with diverse experience in many different settings.

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Data and Analytics Training

Not only is the WIN research and data team well-versed in data analysis and presentation but the team is made up of experienced teachers as well. Each quarter, WIN’s research and data team organizes a full day of training for partner organization employees with the goal to bring data analysis tools and techniques to those who can use them most. The WIN team has also been a lead trainer on national webinars with Workforce 360 through the Department of Labor and has worked with several other clients and partners to create customized employee training programs aligned with their specific research and data needs.

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Workforce Planning

One of WIN’s goals is to provide strategic planning assistance to the WIN board organizations. To fulfill this, WIN worked closely with the MWAs on the board to develop and write the regional prosperity region plans for regions 6, 9, and 10 to align with the state mandate for regional Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) plans. WIN has also worked closely with the MAGMA board, Opportunity Detroit Tech employer partners, and Oakland County to help them develop long-term strategies to combat employee attrition, turnover, attraction, and training.

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