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Scott Corsi

Senior Research Analyst

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Scott Corsi is a Senior Research Analyst at the Workforce Intelligence Network. With a passion for data and strong technical analytical abilities he works with WIN’s data team on a variety of workforce and labor market projects. Scott leads the WIN’s quarterly Labor Market reports for the 16-county region in southeast Michigan and maintains the WIN Data Dashboard. He assists and works on fulfilling specialized data requests, hiring-to-posting (HIPO), Social Network Analysis projects, and many more. He is passionate about data and is well versed in technical analysis.

Scott is an Ohio native and earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in economics from the University of Toledo (UT). Prior to coming to WIN, Scott served as a visiting professor of economics at his alma mater (UT) where he taught several undergraduate macroeconomic courses. His interest in labor economics, econometrics, and monetary theory provided the foundation for his current work with WIN.