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Tricia Czachowski

Senior Project Manager

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Tricia Czachowski is the Senior Project Manager, Defense Sector Lead, for the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan.  In this role, she serves as the project lead for the $6.7 million dollar Southeast Michigan Defense Industry Adjustment grant (also known as the Advance Michigan Defense Collaborative), supporting 15 projects intended to identify and diversify Michigan’s defense portfolio, expand educational and workforce training for emerging markets, and provide opportunities for Michigan companies engaged in the defense economy.  Tricia leads efforts to develop requests for proposals and contracts pertaining to this Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment grant.  She also coordinates the Advance Michigan Defense Collaborative executive subcommittee and grant administration meetings.

Tricia’s previous work with WIN includes development of WIN data products, such as quarterly workforce reports and specialized data requests. She previously coordinated the Data Users Learning Network and the Career and Business Services Learning Networks in an effort to increase the capacity and knowledge of talent stakeholders.  She also served as the lead in WIN’s healthcare cluster employer strategy, where she facilitated a Healthcare HR Executives Council – a public-private partnership between eight major health systems and education and training providers in the region.

Tricia draws on her experience as a project coordinator for a southeast Michigan Defense and Homeland Security Industries Coordination Grant, which developed leadership and strategy for the growth of the industries and the regional workforce in the defense/homeland security sectors within Southeast Michigan.  Through this project, Tricia brought stakeholders together to develop a strategic action plan to promote the region’s defense and homeland security industry opportunities and increase employment.  Past employment includes experience in emergency management, specifically efforts to increase coordination and effectiveness between emergency response organizations.

Tricia is a lifelong resident of Michigan and was raised in the thumb area.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Valley State University.