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Training Assets

The WIN team is available to work with your organization on data, analysis, training, convening and employer engagement. The services listed below highlight WIN’s capabilities to help your organization succeed in its talent investment endevours.

Custom Data & Analytics

The WIN research and data team is well versed in all things data and analytics. From surveys and customized company analysis to wage comparisons and forecasting, the WIN team helps clients and partners to better understand their talent needs and plan for the future.  The WIN team connects the labor market and the economy presenting it in a manner that allows clients and partners to best manage their talent acquisition and planning.

Strategic Planning

Organizations that are undergoing changes in hiring processes, developing talent, working with new employees, and connecting with the greater regional talent system can benefit from WIN’s strategic planning services.

Partner Facilitation & Convening

Bringing diverse people and groups together can be tough; not everyone shares the same vision even if they share the same goals.

Sector Strategies & Convening (locally only)

It is common for many companies within a region to struggle to find talent as they are competing for the same small pool of workers. Unless the region’s companies work together, this collective action problem cannot be fixed.

Asset Mapping

Asset mapping is a broad category of analysis that includes both physical mapping and database creation. The term “assets” can represent people, programs, physical locations, information, knowledge, and anything else that is categorical.

Social Network Analysis

Social network analysis (SNA) is an analysis of networks, connections, and relationships. SNA is one method of analyzing the strength of a network of people, partners, and businesses. SNA can also be used for identifying areas of opportunity to grow networks.