The planning committee for Wayne County Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is thrilled to announce its upcoming event scheduled for Thursday, October 5, 2023. As preparations are in full swing, the committee is urgently seeking more manufacturing sites to host Wayne County students for a few hours and have the opportunity to connect directly with potential future talent.

MFG Day is a nationwide event that celebrates modern manufacturing by addressing common misperceptions about manufacturing careers. The goal is to sustain and grow a competitive, job-creating domestic manufacturing economy and address the regional skilled labor shortage. This year, Wayne County is once again gearing up to participate, and the committee is excited to expand its reach by involving even more students and manufacturing sites. Last year’s Wayne County Manufacturing Day saw tremendous success with over 22 local manufacturing sites opening their doors to 1,124 students.

However, a pressing challenge looms: without additional participation from local businesses, more than 300 area students might miss out on this transformative experience. These students are poised to explore the world of manufacturing firsthand, gaining insights that could shape their future career paths. The success of Manufacturing Day is not only a celebration of the industry but also a call to action for local businesses to step up and play a crucial role in inspiring the next generation of manufacturing leaders.

“Manufacturing is a significant portion of our regional economy. It is critical that we educate our youth and their parents on the viable career options that exist in the manufacturing industry and encourage our students to pursue the skills needed to perform these jobs,” said SEMCA Michigan Works! Chief Executive Officer Greg Pitoniak. “Manufacturing Day is a fantastic opportunity for students to explore the diverse career pathways within the manufacturing sector and gain firsthand experience of the innovative technologies shaping our world. However, we are facing a critical shortfall in manufacturing site hosts, which means that over 300 students may miss out on this transformative opportunity.”

According to the State of Michigan’s recent manufacturing statistics, the manufacturing sector remains a cornerstone of the state’s economy, contributing over $99.6* billion annually. Furthermore, Michigan continues to be a national leader in manufacturing job creation, with over 630,000* individuals employed in the industry. Wayne County, with its rich manufacturing history, plays a significant role in this landscape, and Manufacturing Day serves as a vital platform to foster continued growth.

The committee urges manufacturers of all sizes and industries within Wayne County to consider participating in Manufacturing Day. Hosting a site not only provides manufacturers the chance to connect with their community and showcase their operations but also helps bridge the gap in skills development and cultivates the future of manufacturing talent.

“Let’s rise to the challenge,” says Matt Carr, President of Storch Products Co Inc and a staunch supporter of Manufacturing Day since 2018. “We need to redefine what manufacturing means today by opening our doors to the youth in our local Wayne County communities. For far too long, business leaders have complained about the lack of available talent. MFG Day is your opportunity to flip the narrative – showing that a career in manufacturing can be exciting, loaded with technology, and brimming with chances for advancement.”

Manufacturers interested in hosting students for Wayne County Manufacturing Day 2023 are invited to contact the organizing committee by August 22, 2023. The committee will provide support in coordinating the logistics of the event and ensuring a rewarding experience for all involved.

For more information on participating as a manufacturing site visit the Wayne County Manufacturing Day 2023 website or contact LyShay McGowan, SEMCA Michigan Works! Workforce Development Special Projects Coordinator at or call 734-229-3566.

Join us in shaping the future of manufacturing by inspiring and educating Wayne County students through hands-on experiences that highlight the endless possibilities within our industry.

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SEMCA Michigan Works! is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that administers various human services programs in Monroe and out-Wayne Counties. Since 1996, SEMCA has been a leader in talent development programs and partners with various community organizations and contractors to serve its residents. SEMCA is committed to its vision of a resilient, vital, and competitive economy sustained by private and public partnerships that develop a productive workforce.


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