As the pandemic continues, unemployed Michiganders are waiting for news on 2021 job opportunities. WIN’s Director of Research and Regional Initiatives Michelle Wein, joined the Michigan Motors Forward podcast and explained the research WIN does, and the numbers looked at before and during the pandemic. She also shared how the labor market in Michigan has been hit, and where it stands now.

During the podcast, Michelle talks about the value of the Michigan Works! program to help job seekers find new employment, as well as the ways WIN helps employers think about hiring decisions.

Other topics included where are the job opportunities now, heading into 2021, and beyond.

Finally, a look at COVID-19’s immediate impact on the workforce, and the myth that opening the economy and controlling the pandemic are mutually exclusive.

Listen now.

Michigan Motors Forward is produced by JAG in Detroit Podcasts in collaboration with Tanner Friedman Strategic Communications.


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