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In a move to help employers forecast the next wave of innovations, the Workforce Intelligence Network will survey Michigan companies about innovations and disruptive technologies.

The survey questions were released this week, and are being distributed until late July, with the results to be released at an event in early fall.

The goal is to help Michigan employers, economic developers, entrepreneurs, academicians, workforce developers and others understand key innovations that are likely to dramatically change the way we do business, create new jobs and enterprises, and shape our talent.

“It takes years to develop the training programs that are in use right now,” said WIN Executive Director Lisa Katz. “This is information that will be useful to develop these programs now.”

The information to be collected uses past surveys as a starting point.

Global surveys and research performed previously have been performed by McKinsey & Co. and the Economist Intelligence Unit. However, WIN’s research is drilling down a step further, asking pointed questions to Michigan’s business leadership to explore how they perceive economic disruption and “eureka” innovations in Michigan and how they will shape the region’s economic future.

The survey looks at the top “eureka” technologies (or disruptors) that will affect businesses in the coming decade, and whether these changes are expected to be positive or negative.

Some of the topics to be discussed:

–  Are Michigan’s business leaders concerned about the future of technology advancement?

–  What makes business leaders nervous about adapting to changing technologies? Cost? Time?


– What are the predicted effects on the workforce? Will workers need more or less training? Will the demand for workers grow or shrink as a result of evolving technologies?

– How will other disruptions, such as local and regional fiscal health, affect business in the coming decade?

– What can be done now to help prepare for the future of technology in the workplace?

– How can the business community help design and provide effective training to keep up with technology changes?

– How do opinions and predictions about disruption vary among different industries and business sizes?

Katz said the program goes along with the goal of WIN in using data to inform employers, as well as establishing workforce education programs.

“It goes to the whole idea of unlocking talent,” she said.

To take the survey, click here.

Sponsorship opportunities for the event also are available. For more information on how to be a part of the project, contact Senior Director of Research and Strategy, Melissa Sheldon.

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