Do you know what research reports and data analyses WIN has recently released? In the last few months, WIN has completed and released its Connected & Automated Vehicles Skills Gap Analysis report, the Flexible Hybrid Electronics Workforce report for NextFlex, its ongoing labor market reports for various counties and regions in southeast Michigan, and many various others.

Whether it is WIN’s regular labor-market reports, various skills gap analyses on in-demand occupations, or special workforce profiles, WIN’s research team always has something on their plate – usually, a combination of these different high-level research reports. WIN’s expertise in extracting and analyzing data related to talent keeps the team busy with its day-to-day data projects as well as customized data requests.

Check out some of WIN’s recently released reports, below, as well as reports that you might have missed, and reports that will be released in the summer of 2017.

Recently released reports:

Connected & Automated Vehicles Social Network Analysis (CAV SNA): On behalf of the Advance Michigan Defense Collaborative, WIN conducted a social network analysis to determine the region’s CAV ecosystem health. The report focused on analyzing southeast Michigan’s defense and regional defense adjacent stakeholders to identify where thought leadership, partnerships, innovative thinking, and collaboration are occurring and where connections can be made to leverage the region as a leader in CAV and intelligent transportation systems. Click here to view the full report and an interactive map.

NextFlex’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Workforce report: NextFlex engaged WIN to categorize and analyze the potential flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) workforce and perform a supply-and-demand analysis to help NextFlex make informed decisions about talent investment. Click here to view the full report.

Reports you might have missed:

Connected & Automated Vehicles skills gap analysis: WIN partnered with the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) to analyze job postings for a broad set of occupations in design, manufacturing, and infrastructure development related to connected and automated vehicles (CAV) to better understand what skills are needed for CAV workers and employer needs. Click here to view the CAV skills gap analysis report.

WIN’s labor market reports: WIN’s regularly produced labor-market reports reflect employment, labor force, employer demand, wages, skills, credentials, and educational attainment requirements for trending jobs and occupational groups in southeast Michigan counties, regions, and the City of Detroit. Q3 and Q4 2016 reports were recently released, and compare Q3 and Q4 2016 to trends earlier in the year, as well as trends of previous years during the same time frames. Click here to view the Q3 and Q4 reports.

Soon-to-be-released reports:

  • Cybersecurity skills gap analysis report: to be released in July, 2017
  • Q1 labor market reports: to be released in July, 2017

For questions and more information on WIN’s labor market reports and other research reports, or to submit a specialized data request, please contact WIN’s Senior Director of Research & Strategy, Melissa Sheldon,

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