At the end of July, Lisa Katz, founding Executive Director of the Workforce Intelligence Network for Southeast Michigan (WIN), will leave the organization to oversee economic and entrepreneurial development grants and investments for the William Davidson Foundation.

**WIN is seeking applicants for the Executive Director position. The entire job description for the position is below. To submit an application for this position, you must apply through the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) website: click here to submit a formal application.

Job Summary:

The WIN Executive Director will be responsible for overseeing and ensuring the sustainable success of the organization by driving the achievement of the annual goals, objectives and board initiatives and policies, as well as the financial, program, and administrative management of the organization.  The executive will create and nurture a highly collaborative environment and relationships with all stakeholders, including WIN’s board, comprised of ten community college senior-level executives and six regional Michigan Works Agency executive directors.  Other key stakeholders include regional employers, economic developers, intermediate school districts, universities, community-based organizations, government partners, funders, and others. Supporting the executive in fulfilling WIN’s goals and objectives and managing its network is a dynamic, diverse, and highly-qualified team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Recruit, manage, and evaluate WIN staff, identify training/staff development needs, and recommend compensation and benefits
  • Maintain an innovative, creative, flexible, and enriching work environment for staff working across a large geographic area and across an array of topics
  • Oversee and support WIN practice areas, including data and research, employer engagement efforts (sector/cluster strategies), and work based learning opportunities for youth and adults (MI Bright Future, apprenticeship, and career pathways)
  • Respond to priority employers’ needs in a comprehensive and unified manner, including sector/cluster strategy approaches and guidance and support for a network of WIN-member business service representatives
  • Identify funding opportunities, including consulting and data projects, and assist in developing grant proposals, sponsorships, legislative appropriations, and other strategies to support organizational initiatives and sustainability
  • Serve as a spokesperson for WIN and on behalf of issues critical to the organization, overseeing communications efforts both internally and externally
  • Establish policies and procedures and monitor the performance and standing of WIN
  • Update and track metrics and key performance indicators to evaluate the value of WIN
  • and to ensure efficiency and effectiveness
  • In the event that legal matters should arise, procure outside legal counsel in order to protect the organization’s interests
  • Serve as liaison to other regional initiatives and continue engagement in strategic local, state, and national areas of policy and practice
  • Ensure compliance with grant reporting and outcome requirements for government, philanthropic, and other grants
  • Identify and advise the Board of policy concerns, explore opportunities, and implement adopted policies and decisions
  • Support and oversee long-term planning in conjunction with the Board and WIN senior leadership and implement established and new WIN goals and objectives
  • Work in tandem with the WIN Board and facilitate and oversee Board committee activity
  • Work closely with fiduciary to develop and manage budgets and operating expenses; adopt and operate within fiduciary’s internal controls for accountability of funds, physical assets, and property

All SEMCA team members are expected to be technically competent and committed to continuous development of their skills. The following skills, knowledge and education or certifications are specifically required for this position:

  • Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred
  • 10 years of increasingly responsible experience as a program administrator in (one of the following) public workforce programs, economic development, post- secondary education, non-profit administration, employment and training, Southeast Michigan sector job growth data and research, or overseeing regional initiatives
  • Experience overseeing a seven-figure annual operating budget
  • Experience working with a Board and committee structure
  • Familiarity with Southeast Michigan resources as well as business, government, and philanthropic organizations and leadership
  • Experience in long-term strategic planning, applying best practices and innovative approaches, marketing, and public relations
  • Financial and accounting skills to successfully manage a multi-faceted collaborative partnership involving numerous organizations and funding streams
  • Effective leadership, organizational, oral, written, and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in policy development
  • Evidence of effectively managing, developing, evaluating, and rewarding staff, problem resolution, and ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Consulting experience and/or mindset a plus
Unique Organizational Dynamics

WIN covers a minimum of 16 counties, with staff living throughout the geographic area.  The organization has evolved as a virtual one, with staff meeting in person on an as-needed basis determined by leadership, including twice/month in person in the City of Detroit.  Other meetings are conducted by phone and leveraging remote meeting tools.

SEMCA is the fiduciary for WIN and, as such, supports the financial, human resources, and information technology aspects of the organization.

WIN is a fast-paced, multi-faceted organization dedicated to working with regional partners to help employers find the talent they need for success.   WIN supports its efforts through a complex funding mix including local, state, and federal grants; data and other consulting-related projects; some philanthropic support; sponsorships; and membership dues from the board.

Cultural Commitment

The following items reflect critical components of the culture at WIN/SEMCA and are the personal responsibility of every member of the organization. The effective WIN/SEMCA team member:

  • Takes personal responsibility for achieving objectives and meeting expectations of the organization; effectively manages time and priorities with minimal supervision.
  • Demonstrates flexibility and adapts to changing needs and direction.
  • Recognizes that anyone who receives or is touched by our products or services is a customer. Customers are both internal and external to the organization, and include clients, suppliers, service providers, supervisors, peers, board members and the general public.
  • Communicates effectively with all customers, internal and external, and listens and responds to their needs.
  • Works effectively with others. Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities to help others serve customers or meet their objectives. Actively supports the spirit of teamwork at SEMCA/WIN.
  • Demonstrates a “customer first” attitude on a daily basis and in all activities and interactions.
  • Recognizes and respects the confidential nature of the information exposed to at SEMCA/WIN. Understands that what we see and hear here, stays here.
  • Maintains a positive professional image through actions, appearance, timeliness, meeting commitments and deadlines, and daily demonstration of a positive and supportive attitude.
  • Treats others with respect and courtesy. Values differences and honors the perceptions and capabilities of others.
  • Demonstrates commitment to personal growth and learning, and applies knowledge in a variety of situations.
  • Holds oneself personally accountable to the highest quality standards and best practices. Continually seeks ways to improve skills and take customer service to the next level.
  • Uses creative approaches to solve problems, eliminate root causes, and prevent their recurrence.
  • Identifies opportunities to simplify processes, add value, reduce costs and improve productivity.

In addition, the leadership of the SEMCA/WIN organization, in support of the cultural commitment, holds itself to a high standard of managerial performance. Specifically, the following is also expected of all members of SEMCA/WIN’s leadership team:

  • Serves as a role model for the culture and desired behaviors of everyone at SEMCA/WIN. Recognizes that they are leading by example all the time.
  • Plans work effectively and provide clarity of expectations and direction. Provides the resources and tools needed to do the job.
  • Provides consistent and timely feedback and coaching to employees and team members. Uses encouragement and recognition appropriately.
  • Defines and reinforces “office etiquette” and expectations for office behavior.
  • Holds individuals accountable for both their behavior and work performance.
  • Promotes an atmosphere of trust and connectivity (inter team support).
  • Practices good listening skills and is open to suggestions.
  • Exhibits empathy for employee concerns and needs. Addresses those concerns, and all problems, in a fair and timely manner.
  • Promotes the growth and development of all SEMCA/WIN staff and encourages cross training and learning from each other. Explains the “why” behind the “what” when giving direction.
  • Demonstrates fiscal responsibility and recognizes the financial implications of decisions and actions.
  • Promotes and personifies a commitment to all customers, to serving their needs, and to delivery of timely, value-added services.
  • Is committed to self-development, both personally and professionally.
  • Exhibits integrity in word and action.
Physical Demands

Duties require sufficient mobility to work in a normal office setting and use standard office equipment including a computer, vision to read printed materials on an LCD screen and smartphone, hearing and speech sufficient to communicate in person and over the telephone. The position requires quite a bit of vehicle travel (estimated 50%) related to meeting attendance and, on occasion, air and other travel to national meetings and events. These requirements may be accommodated for otherwise qualified individual requiring and requesting and/or needing additional accommodations.

**WIN is seeking applicants for the Executive Director position. The entire job description for the position is below. To submit an application for this position, you must apply through the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance (SEMCA) website: click here to submit a formal application.

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